Though small in size, these doubly chocolate baked chewy bars are my go-to when I need a chocolate craving fix.

Along with being dairy free the bars are also: gluten free, soy free, and nut free.

Also, this week I had a pleasant surprise regarding these bars. I had originally discovered these bars during one of my long Whole Foods adventures, where I tend to read a lot of labels and browse a lot of foods but only commit to a couple new things, only the problem with Whole Foods is that it’s a much longer hike for me to get there in comparison to other more local supermarkets.

Well, long story short(er, at least) this week I found them in my local Stop and Shop! So if you have never seen these in yours before be on the lookout or check other Stop and Shops in the area. You could also order them online. They are slightly cheaper that way.

Side note: This company makes great chocolate chips too!