It took me a very long time to finally come across a Parmesan cheese substitute sold in stores but let me tell you this one is superb!

This Parmesan style topping is so spot-on close to Parmesan cheese flavor. Non-vegans I’ve eaten it around constantly tell me how astonished they are by the fact that the product looks and smells so cheesy, yet contains no cheese whatsoever.

Important to note: this company also makes a Parmesan cheese topping that is NOT vegan. Only the purple packaged one that is labelled vegan IS vegan-friendly. (UPDATE: Go Veggie! has changed up their packaging. The Parmesan cheese topping with the white top is vegan and the one with the black top is not.)

The other one they carry, which comes in green packaging, is only lactose free and NOT suitable for vegan consumption.

Don’t forget you can also create your own Parmesan “cheese” style topping from scratch at home!