While searching the shelves of the grocery section of my local Target for the elusive Hampton Creek Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, I came up short, but I certainly didn’t go home empty handed. During my search for the dough I admittedly had (And still do have!) every intention of just eating with a spoon straight out of the container,  I came across a familiar logo, but on something different – dressing! Just Italian, Just Caesar, Just Thousand and Just Sweet Mustard Dressing. Immediately, the Caesar dressing caught my eye.

Prior to my transition to veganism, Caesar salads were always my go-to when dining out and battling with indecision. I’d pick something out on the menu that I’d never tried before but then, by the time the waitress or waiter came back for the order, I’d order the Caesar salad without even a moment of hesitation. I knew it tasted good, I knew I liked it and most every restaurant has it listed as an item on their menu. Unless of course you’re eating cuisine from other parts of the world.

Since transitioning to veganism though, I’ve struggled to find (Or make!) a vegan Caesar dressing that truly reminded me of the creamy, briny, pungent and extremely palpable taste that I craved. Except at restaurants like The Witches Brew and a few other vegan restaurants that I frequent from time to time. Hampton Creek’s Caesar Dressing though, has won first prize in my book for any veganized Caesar dressing I’ve ever tasted from a bottle or purchased at a store. It is amazing! Very creamy, with a distinct after taste and great hints of garlicky goodness plus a pinch of tang from the red wine vinegar and lemon juice concentrate.

hampton creek back

I really enjoyed using it topped on a bowl of green, inside a kale wrap, with pasta and broccoli and as a dip for carrots, cucumber and other fresh veggies. It’s very versatile and the perfect condiment to have on hand. Definitely try pairing it with Go Veggie! Grated Parmesan Style Topping!