Ever since my own personal discovery of the herb basil, pesto has been one of my all-time favorite sauces. It’s delicious, it’s fragrant and all-in-all relatively simple to make – what’s not to like!? Well, all of the oil, that’s what. It is literally the only flaw I could find within the perfect pesto system.

So, in order to rectify this, I decided to experiment with some other, more healthy ingredients that I could use in pesto instead of all of that fatty, high calorie oil. Below is what I found works! I hope you enjoy it too!


The garbanzo beans we used in the recipe.

The garbanzo beans we used in the recipe.


Start by getting out all of your ingredients. Unsheathe two cloves of garlic, toss those into your food processor and blend for a few seconds. Wash your garbanzo beans and place those in the food processor. Wash and tear your basil leaves and add those to the food processor. Next squeeze in your lemon juice, pour in your olive oil and 1 tbsp of water and top off with salt and pepper to your liking. Lastly add in the vegan Parmesan cheese. Then blend together until thoroughly mixed.

If your pesto seems too thick add in a tsp or two more of water and blend again.

Now go mix your pesto in with pasta, spread it on a sandwich or use it as a dip. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re going the pasta route, feel free to add some Follow Your Heart Dairy Free Parmesan Style Shredded Cheese Alternative on top of your pesto pasta. It’s one of our absolute favorite vegan cheeses!