While scrolling through Instagram a little over a month ago, the happy face of a turkey popped up in my feed and stirred my curiosity. Upon clicking through to take a full look at this eye-catching turkey, I realized that this turkey was even more notable and uncommon than I thought, this turkey seen running through the grass, listening to music and sitting content in a welcoming lap, was someone’s pet!

Check out our interview below with a very special turkey, a turkey who will know nothing but love, something most turkeys never get to experience, a beautiful turkey named Ginger.

Q: How did you come to be a part of your family?
A: It all started with my twelve-year-old human family member. She is a huge animal lover, vegan, and young animal rights advocate. She saw a video on a woman who brought her pet turkey on an airplane as a companion; she was on her way to bury her husband, and brought her turkey with to help ease the grief. After seeing how sensitive and amazing we are, she decided to find out everything she could about us lovable creatures. With the images of the factory farm industry seared in her mind, that became the mission – to rescue a turkey from that horrible fate – and as soon as possible. Thank goodness!!! After numerous dead-end phone calls to various places, she finally heard back from a sympathetic man who placed a large poult (baby turkeys) order. He took solace with her story, and offered to give her one of his poults for free before bringing them to their factory farm fate. As soon as I was hatched, my family got a phone call! Lucky for me, they dropped everything and drove the two hours to pick me up. I was immediately wrapped in a cozy heating blanket and it has been love for all of us ever since!

Q: Did your family know much about turkeys prior to you joining the family?
A: Well, not at first. However, my family loves to do research and after only a few days, they
pretty much became “turkey experts!”

Q: What kind of reaction did friends and family have after hearing that you were joining the family?
A: All of my family’s friends think I’m the absolute best. I’ve actually changed quite a few perceptions of turkeys, for which I’m very proud! My daddy and two brothers, however, are a different story. All three of them are – gasp – meat eaters, so it’s been difficult for them to see me as an indoor house pet who has emotions and feelings just like a dog or cat. Fortunately, we have been making progress! I’m noticing that they are more open to trying more vegan foods! Yay!!!

Ginger the Rescued Pet Turkey cuddled up with some of her “babies.”

Q: What sort of impact have you had on the life of your family?
A: I’ve helped my family and friends realize that the common stereotype of a turkey is definitely NOT true! I’m a sentiment soul that all humans need to start seeing. There is no difference between me and a dog or cat. I am quite smart and cuddly. I respond when my family speaks with me, and I even know my name! I express love with my eyes by squinting – just like a cat does! I’m a great big softie and crawl onto laps to snuggle! I have a favorite blue blankie and love to get my head scratched! I want humans to know that we are sensitive beings that react to words and touch just other pets. Through my Instagram account (ginger_the_turkey) I hope to continue educating others about turkeys and how truly incredible and misunderstood we are!

Q: Tell us a few fun facts about yourself! Things you like, tidbits about your personality, anything!
A: I absolutely love cherry tomatoes, apples, raspberries, blueberries, spinach, and cranberries!

I’m ready to start my day around 9 am and I go nighty-night around 8 or 9 pm. I have four beloved stuffed animals that I call my “babies” – a teddy bear, caterpillar, bunny, and a bear. I tuck them in every night and make sweet little “chirping” noises while doing it. I have my very own bedroom and because of all of my gorgeous white fluff, I enjoy having the fan on! I love to doze off with my favorite music, (which is anything classical and jazz) , and gazing at all of the birds and squirrels through my living room windows, is one of my favorite past times!

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