When it comes to satisfying that unrelenting craving for something sweet, there are plenty of different vegan routes to go down. From a serving of dairy-free ice cream, to a bite of a dark chocolate bar, to indulging in a decadent slice of cake from 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe in Farmingdale, the opportunities for a tasty treat are innumerable. For those practicing a vegan lifestyle, and also living with food allergies, it isn’t always quite that simple though. Pride Enjoy, an alternative baking company based off of Long Island, caters dexterously to those searching for a balance between finding sweets that are nondairy and egg-free, and also gluten-free, soy-free and/or nut-free.

In addition to accommodating different allergy needs and dietary lifestyles, Pride Enjoy products are also made without artificial colors, preservatives, or GMOs!

And they’re delicious to boot!

The Pride Enjoy Alternative Baking Company logo.

The Pride Enjoy Alternative Baking Company logo.

Q: What initially brought about the idea for Pride Enjoy?
A: Baking is my passion and rainbow cookies are a family favorite. I wanted to start a company that made rainbow cookie as well as an all inclusive treat for the masses to enjoy; with other alternative goods eventually completing a product line. There are tons of companies out there making conventional baked goods. I decided to take on some challenges by taking the road less traveled. I knew it would make a lot of people happy and be very rewarding.

Q: What do you believe makes your product stand-out from others on the market?
A: In addition to catering to vegans and gluten-free shoppers, our products appeal to people with allergies to soy and nuts as well. We use high quality ingredients and believe taste is paramount. What you’re getting as a customer is bakery level treats (only healthier) in convenience packaging. No genetically modified ingredients, preservatives, or artificial colors. You’ll find our sweets on display tables often, instead of frozen, because our recipes are formulated in a way that our goods stay fresh longer than the competition’s gluten-free offerings. Our treats are The Real Deal With More Appeal!

Q: What do you hope your product brings to people?
A: Happiness and a feeling of inclusion. I also hope it brings greater awareness of delish vegan offerings.

Q: If you had to pick a favorite, which would you pick, your Radical Rainbow Cookies or your Buzzworthy Brownies?
A: It’s really hard to answer that one. They both are great when it comes to devouring them, yet have their own quirks that make them difficult to produce.

Keep your eyes out for Pride Enjoy's

Keep your eyes out for Pride Enjoy’s Radical Rainbow Cookies and their Buzzworthy Brownies being sold near you!

Q: Where can people go to purchase your baked goods?
A: You can find our baked goods at the establishments listed below!

  • Cornucopia Natural Foods – 39 N Main St, Sayville, NY
  • Haymakers Corner Store – 176 Ainslie St, Brooklyn, NY
  • Little Nook Cafe – West Sayville, NY
  • Natural Market – 140 7th St, Garden City, NY
  • Perelandra Natural Food Center – 175 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY
  • Riverdel Fine Foods – 820 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY
  • Sarikopa – 226 Riverleigh Ave, Riverhead, NY
  • Schiavoni’s Market – 48 Main St, Sag Harbor, NY
  • Sherry’s Market – 89 Deer Park Ave, Babylon, NY
  • Tend Coffee – 924 Montauk Hwy, Shirley, NY
  • The Sweet Beet – 498 Salmon Book St, Granby, CT
  • Toad Style – 93 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn, NY
  • Westerly Natural Market – New York, NY
  • Wild by Nature – East Setauket, NY
  • Wild by Nature – Hampton Bays, NY
  • Wild by Nature – Huntington, NY
  • Wild by Nature – Oceanside, NY
  • Wild by Nature – West Islip, NY

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