For animal lovers living in, near, or visiting the Empire State, there’s no better day-trip to take part in than that of visiting an animal sanctuary in New York. From the pure joy and experience of spending time with rescued animals, like farmed animals who many don’t get the opportunity to interact with, to learning all about their lives within and outside of the sanctuary, meeting like-minded people, and much more, there are only positive repercussions to be gained from visiting an animal sanctuary.

Check out these five New York animal sanctuaries well worth giving a visit!

Catskill Animal Sanctuary
The very first animal sanctuary I ever had the pleasure of visiting, Catskill Animal Sanctuary is a wonderful place for vegans and non-vegans alike to learn about, and interact with, farmed animals and other rescued animals. Located about 2 hours north of New York City, this sanctuary is a must visit for animal lovers. Become a member of Catskill Animal sanctuary to get special benefits – like the ability to stay at the homestead, which is on location, and take tours (with reservations) during the week!

A lovely sign with plaques dedicated to the beloved animals who have passed.

A lovely sign at CAS with plaques dedicated to the beloved animals who have passed.

Farm Sanctuary
Not to be confused with their sanctuary branches in California, Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen is located on 175 acres in Upstate New York and home to more than 300 rescued farm animals. Wow – that’s a lot of animals! Visitors can take hour long guided tours of the sanctuary to meet the various animals, learn something new at the Visitor Center and, of course, browse the gift shop which helps fund the sanctuary’s work!

Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary
Located only about an hour outside of New York City, Safe Haven is a 40 acre animal sanctuary with a focus on compassion. Not only does the sanctuary house many different rescued farmed animals, but the sanctuary also provides educational materials about animal rights issues and information about how to live a vegan lifestyle. Please call ahead (845-724-5138) to schedule a visit!

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary
Founded by Jenny Brown and Doug Abel in 2004, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is the perfect destination for meeting farmed animals and being educated about farmed animals. From pigs to cows, goats to turkeys, you will connect with a plethora of different animals all with their very own unique personality and story as to how they (Thankfully!) ended up at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

Dylan coming over for a good petting!

Dylan, a resident cow at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, coming over for a good petting!