Remember all of those times skeptical friends, family members, and sometimes even nosy strangers, have given you the big speech and questionnaire about your protein intake?

Well you can tell them all to go to hell, because we have edible proof.

ProTings, a Brooklyn-born protein chip with pea protein as its base, is the perfect power punch of protein for the busy vegan, the body building vegan and the ‘I love to snack’ vegan.

With four distinctive flavors, there is ProTings potential for everyone.

In ranking of flavors, my person favorite, ‘I can’t live without you’ flavors are Zesty Nacho and Spicy Chili Lime. These chips literally smack you in the face with spice and flavor, but in a good way. The only time I am ever disappointed by them is when they aren’t covered in enough potent spices and powders.

I love weighing out 1 oz of these chips in the morning before work and knowing that I have something tasty in my bag to bring out to satisfy my midday work time munchies.

The other 2 flavors are Tangy Southern BBQ and Toasted Sea Salt.

I would definitely recommend ordering them on Amazon or directly through the ProTings website if you cannot find them anywhere near you. They also have a nifty store locator to help you track down where near to you does sell ProTings.


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