This is one of my absolute favorite, light, vegan snacks.

When I first discovered Skinny Pop it was still very difficult to find in stores but now it’s become much more mainstream and available in a wide variety of supermarkets/stores.

1 cup of Skinny Pop comes out to less than 40 calories and the ingredients are quite simple, just popcorn, sunflower oil and salt. Surprisingly so the popcorn still has a little bit of that buttery taste which was a pleasant surprise.

Skinny Pop also comes in handy 100 calorie bags (.65 oz/18g) which makes them convenient to bring with you on the run, pack in a lunch, or if you’re like me and cannot got to the movies without some popcorn, a great size to sneak into your purse with you.

But shhhhhhhh don’t tell on me. *wink*

OH! And their White Cheddar flavor is ALSO vegan!