Though not all people may realize it, alcohol is not always necessarily free of animal products. Wine, liquor and beer can all contain hidden animal by products that you may not even be aware of. Things like isinglass, casein, or gelatin, all of which animal products, can be found in some of our favorite beers. (Sorry guys, Guinness is off the table. *UPDATE: UNTIL NOW!*)

Not only can honey and dairy products, like casein and lactose, be found in the actual bottle of alcohol itself, animal products are also used into the manufacturing process. The process of filtering for example. Sadly companies could use other animal-free ways, but they choose to use things like gelatin and isinglass (a mixture composed of fish bladders) instead.

Well, now that you know a little more about what to look for and consider when choosing and purchasing your beer, here are some of my favorite vegan beers, and a few good ones to know off the top of your head!

Personal Favorites:
I really enjoy IPAs, seasonal ales and trying new craft brews!
– Cambridge Brewing Company’s Flower Child IPA
– Kona Brewing Co.’s Castaway IPA & Big Wave Golden Ale
– Blue Point Brewing Company’s Toasted Lager & Rastafa Rye Ale
– 21st Amendment Brew Free! or Die IPA
– Sixpoint Bengali & The Crisp
– Post Road Pumpkin Ale
– Ballast Point Sculpin
– Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Beers for When You’re in a Bind:
Lets face it, you may not always be in a situation where you can have a craft beer or cold IPA. For those times when you can’t, these guys are all safe bets.
– Becks
– Bud Light
– Coors Light
– Corona
– Heineken
– Miller
– Miller Lite

Fingers crossed that one day there will be no need for our fellow vegans to look up whether or not a beer is vegan. In reality, this should really just be a non-issue. Animal products have no place, rhyme, or reason for being included in the production of, and ingredients of, beer.

If you have a question about whether or not a specific beer is vegan, be sure to check out Barnivore: Your Vegan Beer, Wine and Liquor Guide!