With Easter coming around earlier than usual this year, Sunday March 27th to be exact, it’s time to start planning out if, and what, you will be giving out as Easter gifts. Whether it will be a simple dairy-free chocolate bar, or a cute vegan sweater, is completely up to you.

Before we get to the goods though, I would just like to mention something.

Easter is one of the hardest holidays to be an animal. And that goes for all different types of animals and for all different types of reasons. From the poor chickens whose eggs are stolen from them so parents can teach their children how to dye them in pastel colors, to the pigs who will be slaughtered to meet the demand for a traditional Easter ham on the dinner table, to the bunnies who will be bought as Easter gifts for children who do not know how to properly care for a bunny (Nor do their parents) and may tire of the bunny once the holiday has come and gone, Easter is not an easy day to be an animal. Especially a lamb, bunny, pig, or chicken.

Now that all of that reality is out of the way, let’s take a look at these cruelty-free Easter gift ideas and try our best to encourage others to keep it cruelty-free as well!

For the Rad Chick in Your Life

Pictured above is our pick for the perfect gift for that rad chick in your life – the kind of girl who likes to wear jewelry, but especially likes to wear jewelry that helps spread the vegan message. The necklace is made out of recycled aluminum and is hand stamped by artist Christy Robinson. Order yours here!

For the Bunny Lover in Your Life

This over-sized, comfy as heck sweater featuring an adorable looking “ferocious vegan” is from The Vegan Police Shop!

For the Gardener in Your Life

Why not hook up the gardener in your life with a new pair of sloggers! Plus, with spring just on the horizon, you know that those rain showers will be kicking in soon. These chicken print garden boots are available on Amazon and come in other animal patterns!

For the Chocoholic in Your Life

Benny the Milkless Bunny from Premium Chocolatiers is the sweet treat that can satisfy any chocolate craving. Not to mention Benny looks just like those chocolate bunnies you’d get when you were a kid. (Tastes just as good too!)

For the Do-Gooder in Your Life

Instead of giving them a present, why not send a donation over to one of their favorite animal sanctuaries, shelters or charities!